Our commitment to an efficient process transforms design concepts into reality.  Multiple floor plan options are provided that illustrate the best ways to maximize and maintain optimum functionality of your space.


  • Color Consultation

  • Space Planning

  • Finish Selection

  • 3D Visualization

  • Project Consultation

  • Universal Design

We offer Color Consulting through one of our designers who is a Certified Color Specialist, CfYH.  It takes an understanding of how and why  colors work together and the effects that they have on each other, a knowledge of how color is perceived, the light that is coming into a room and which characteristics of color to focus on in order to create the mood, look and feeling that is desired.  We can help with choosing the perfect colors for you and your home in order to reach your vision.

space planning - FLOOR PLANS AND ELEVATIONS:  

Are you stumped with how to maximize your existing kitchen or bath and the functionality of it?  This is where we come in.  After taking measurements and evaluating your needs, we provide several floor plan options.  You choose which plan best suits your lifestyle and needs.  We then provide you with scaled plans that can be presented to a contractor/builder.  We will also provide referrals to construction professionals that we have a working relationship with.


Material selection of finishes can make or break a project.  From counter tops to paint color to flooring, we provide you with expert advice on creating the kitchen or bath of your dreams.  We can work with you on finishes from start to finish or on an "as need basis".


We provide you with properly prepared construction drawings (floor plans, elevations, electrical plans, etc.) that can be presented to your contractor/builder. 


We can take your 2D design (Floor Plans) and show you a 3D visualization of your new space to help you visualize what your finished project will look like.  We can also show you 3D design visuals for any space that you would like to alter, such as having a wall removed. 

It takes an understanding of how and why colors work the way they do, how color is perceived and which characteristics of color to focus on in order to create the mood, feeling and look you and your customer desire. Read more at: http://www.sensationalcolor.com/color-classes-ebooks/color-consultant-certification-program | Sensational Color.  


Our designers are both Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists and Certified in Green Design.    We believe that a great design is one that is not only beautiful but above all else, functional for everyone that will be using the space now and in the future. We like to reuse/re-purpose material when possible and use energy efficient and environmentally safe products.